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What I Do

I help people who have been diagnosed with a herpes virus, and struggle with imprisoning their life to their diagnosis, to achieve emotional, mental and physical freedom, by empowering them from a energetic vibration of a victim, to that of a victor, and then guiding them towards life-changing information and inspired actions that will teach self-love, self-awareness, self-health and self-acceptance.

My Philosophy

It is not the fear of what other people will think of us, that keeps us paralyzed; the problem is how little we think of ourselves because of our diagnosis: YOU attract YOUR belief system.

Someone else may have caused us the pain, but it is our responsibility to free ourselves.

I don’t believe I have to live my life in a mental, physical or emotional prison. What do YOU believe? What YOU believe matters, and what YOU do tells the truth about your beliefs.

My Methods

I am an open-minded Spiritual Being and I tend to use my own personal experiences with overcoming the fear of being labeled as someone diagnosed with herpes. This includes some uncomfortable steps such as talking to others about your diagnosis, getting you to ask and answer your own questions about your diagnosis in front of a mirror, assisting you in learning to love yourself with the diagnosis, breaking the cord you have attached to yourself, that you are only your diagnosis, and many more steps to help you to learn to listen to the conversation your body is communicating.

My Goal

My goal is to teach you how to become free from the dreadful feeling of rejection, and guide to acceptance of yourself, so that you authentically manifest people who are in alignment with your new belief system.

I also wish to empower you to learn your body and change the conversation you have with it, and yourself, to that of self-acceptance, self-love and self-care.

You do not need to settle for just anyone who accepts your diagnosis.